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It's time to Celebrate!

Ionisoft announces the launch of Aloe Heels Cream! After years of research and development, this new break-through technology is now available to everyone. Never before has there been such a powerful product designed specifically to moisturize and revitalize dry heels and feet. Based upon time-proven Aloe vera gel and six other botanical extracts, Aloe Heels Cream soothes feet, leaving them soft with a non-greasy, powder-like after feel. This intensive-care, paraben-free cream protects the skin so it can care for itself naturally. Get your Aloe Heels Cream today and enjoy soft, beautiful feet again.

A Decade of Research

After more than a decade of intensive research, Ionisoft's science laboratory has released Aloe Heels Moisturizing Cream, the newest and most technologically-advanced foot-care cream ever created. Numerous botanical extracts were evaluated for their natural humectants that moisturize skin. Then, combinations of these extracts were tested, eventually discovering the synergistic blend of Aloe vera and six companion botanicals that are the basis for Aloe Heels' revitalizing activity on the skin. Other ingredients in the formulation were discovered to enhance the botanical extracts, yielding a smooth, powder-like lubricity and lower viscosity that facilitate application and penetration into small irregularities on the surface of the skin. The most dramatic results are experienced on feet and heels, where Aloe Heels Cream demonstrates its unique and powerful moisturizing capabilities.
Try your own experiments and test Aloe Heels Moisturizing Cream on your own feet. We promise you will be amazed.

Aloe vera Enhanced

The Aloe vera plant enjoys a rich folklore with respect to its skin care attributes. For thousands of years, historians have cataloged its soothing and beautifying properties. From Egyptian queens who associated its use with physical beauty to present-day estheticians, no other herb or plant enjoys such an impressive history of beauty and health benefits.

Aloe Heels Cream derives much of its unique and powerful moisturizing activity from this plant as its name signifies. Aloe Heels' proprietary blend of Aloe vera with six additional botanical extracts provides powerful humectants that synergistically revitalize dry skin.

History teaches us about Aloe vera's natural moisturizing power. Aloe Heel's modern technology enhances it as never before.

Tell Your Friends

It's natural to tell a friend about an exciting new discovery. Spread the word about Aloe Heels Moisturizing Cream!

  • 70% of women are looking for effective foot-care products.
  • 30% of all men and women feel self-conscious about their feet and do not want others to see them.

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Ambassadors Earn Commissions

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Men like Aloe Heels, too!

Rumor has it that men are borrowing their wives' Aloe Heels Cream! According to recent research, about 80% of all healthcare purchases are made by women and 50% of products marketed to men are purchased by women for them. Evidently, lots of men like to use products in the medicine cabinet rather than purchasing them. Why not get him his own tube?
Then, plan a fun activity where you can both show off your healthy feet together.

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